Kent Wildlife Trust

Kent Logs Tree Surgery are coppicing for The Kent wildlife trust. The wood will be stored for a year and then sold as fire wood. Read on below to find out why coppicing is so important.

Managing Woodland As Coppice Is Important For Wildlife

Coppicing may look drastic but is essential for much of our best-loved woodland wildlife which may be threatened with extinction if this is not continued.

In this traditional management system, trees are regularly cut to the ground and re-grow with several stems, providing the wood needed for a wide range of products.

Time between cuts varies depending on the intended use of the wood but needs to be regular so that there are always some open areas. Here warmth and light can reach the ground.

This encourages plant growth and insect activity - but this effect decreases yearly as trees re-grow until branches meet overhead, and light can no longer reach the woodland floor.

So coppice, with some cut each year, must be maintained, to ensure continuity of open space.

Help wildlife by supporting the coppice industry buy local logs, charcoal and other wood products.

Coppice Diagram